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June, 2022

Staying Fit for infertility treatment in Thane for Men

Excessive workout, running without training and crash diets for short durations can hamper health as they are short cuts to lose weight and there is no long term plan.

Everybody wants to lead a healthy life, without stress, fatigue and other chronic problems. This is why it is necessary to incorporate healthy habits in our daily routine to attain the right balance of physical and mental wellness.

An individual’s health depends on the habits he/she adopts, which pays off, especially in the 30s and 40s. But, off late, people are not giving adequate time to their health, leading to obesity and in worst cases, heart attacks.

As per the GOQii India Fit Report 2018, approximately 55% of the population is overweight.

“As we age, it is essential to be more conscious about the lifestyle choices we make. It is essential not only to eat healthy but also have regular sleep, exercise and balanced emotions. As for women, after the age of 40, they usually undergo hormonal changes, which can at times lead to common problems life irregular menstrual cycle, thyroid, BP etc,” said GOQii founder Vishal Gondal.

A common mistake that people, especially in their 40s, make is put work and social commitments before health. “People ignore fatigue, sleeplessness and emotional changes, which could be signs to some larger underlying problems,” Gondal added.

That's why Excessive workout, running without training and crash diets for short durations can hamper health as they are short cuts to lose weight and there is no long term plan.

So, what should people in their 40s do to lead a healthy lifestyle?

“They should exercise for 30-40 minutes daily, incorporate healthy and balanced eating habits, stay hydrated, get regular sleep, take up yoga and meditation for a healthy mind,” said Gondal.

Eating a balanced meal is the norm that one should follow to live healthy. One should transform eating habits into a program of nutritious and delicious food choices that can last a lifetime.

One should consider portion size rather than looking at calories intake while planning a diet.

“Have small meals at regular intervals instead of filling up your plate during lunch and dinner. Have a king size breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Have a mid-morning snack, if the gap between your breakfast and lunch is more than three hours.

This mid-morning snack could be fruits to ensure some portion of fruit consumption throughout the day. Lunch should be nutritious and contain a small bowl of salad. Eat an evening snack at around 5 pm. Skipping this snack could mean a heavy dinner, which is not ideal. Dinner should be light as metabolism levels drop during in the night,” Gondal highlighted.

Besides, protein forms an essential part of any healthy diet. Protein in the 40s is going to help you maximize current metabolic rate and prevent the lean muscle mass loss.

Eating too much animal protein can cause calcium loss and lead to a decrease in bone density and osteoporosis.

Instead of red meat and processed meat, opt for fish, chicken and plant-based protein sources like beans, nuts, seeds, peas and tofu.

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