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Looking for Semen Bank in Thane? Visit Bedekar Fertility Hospital, we receive donor applications from 5 to 8 men every day.

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Semen Analysis - collects, freezes, and stores human sperm

Pregnancy through donated semen

In as many as a third of the cases of couples unable to become parents, the fault lies with the husband. Infertile males are those who are unable to father children despite treatments such as ICSI. In these cases impregnating their wives with semen from a male donor is the only alternative.

Whom is Semen Banking for?

The ideal candidate for semen donation based assisted parenthood is:

  • Males with low semen counts (Oligospermia or zero counts) (Azoospermia), where treatment with drugs, surgery and ART treatments like AIH, IUI and ICSI have proven unsuccessful.
  • Males who may have a genetic disorder that could get transmitted to their progeny.